After attaining a Bachelor Degree in Sports Studies and Creative Writing, Matt began work for a UK based charity as a Youth Worker, specialising in alternative education for young adults removed from the school roster for behavioural reasons, the program, “Breakthrough”, was nationally recognised.

From here, Matt moved into the role of Project Coordinator for a sport’s development initiative, “Rise Up” utilised structured sport and exercise programs to reduce youth crime rates in disadvantaged urban areas in the North West of England.

During a gap year in 2010, Matt was inspired by the Australian Fitness Industry and the opportunity to be part of a proactive approach to health and wellness. After attaining his certifications and Diploma in Fitness from ACSF, Matt began work at Fitness Playground (FP) as a Personal Trainer.

Over the last 5 years, Matt has thrived under the FP banner as a Coach, Mentor and now as a Manager. He has combined his passions for movement and personal development within the structured education now provided to over 100 personal trainers at Fitness Playground. As a trainer, Matt has worked with a hugely varied client base, including clients recovering from stroke, learning to walk with cerebral palsy, athletes, business owners and actors like Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale.

“I believe that what we do matters, that personal trainers and coaches are capable of making life changing impacts on their clients. We will see technology play a greater role within the Fitness Industry, but there will always be a place for exceptional service, and for individuals with a genuine passion for using exercise to help others make better choices and enjoy a better quality of life.”



“Working privately with hundreds of clients, mentoring hundreds of Personal Trainers, and working as Education Manager for Fitness Playground, my mission has always been the same: To proactively create a healthier population.”

Tom is helping prospective Personal Trainers successfully enter the industry, through delivering Cert III/IV as a Teacher – previously for AIPT, and now ISF, this mission extends to modernising the standard of education provided to coaches in the early stages of their career, so that they can feel prepared & confident to embrace the true potential of what Personal Trainers can achieve.

He aspires to provide the right platform and tools to allow coaches to have a career that fulfils their aspirations of creating a healthier world, without the feeling of judgement or fear of failure. This allows access to the best quality education that filters through the irrelevant & gives them what they need, when they need it. Tom wants them to feel confident in delivering the best value to those they serve.

Tom’s belief is that by changing the minimum standard of education, we can transform the Personal Training Industry into the primary health care industry, in which PT’s are proactively creating a healthier population, by delivering a better standard of service across the world – reducing the need for reactive professions that profit from pain & illness.




Dave has a decade of experience in the fitness industry, originally coming from an elite sports performance background in Rugby and has since competed in Men’s Physique & Strongman competitions. He was previously involved in “Lift The Bar”, a company set to raise the standard of personal training in the UK. Dave is now a fitness column writer for Urban Village magazine Sydney and a lead coach at Fitness Playground.

Dave understands the challenge prospective trainers face with lack of support, structure and education after completing their personal training qualifications and sought to improve not only their technical ability but business building tools with a level of care and authenticity which shines through in his coaching.

“People don’t care about how much you know until they realise how much you care” – With care at his core value, his approach to coaching on movement & nutrition fulfils his clients wants and needs. As an educator supporting personal trainers with business building tools to improve their service and lead generation, he allows trainers the opportunity to excel and exceed their own expectations.